Williston Recreation & Parks, VT
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Facility Use Policy & Fees Schedule

For Full Facility Use Policy- CLICK HERE

Permit Applications:  To be filled out and submitted to Williston Recreation & Parks
          Click Here -     Parks Facilities Permit Application
          Click Here -     Event Permit Application
An Individual, Organized Group, Business or Organization must obtain a permit of use, without one they do not have priority use.  This consists of any individual, Organized Group, Business or Organization who wish to use a Williston Facility on a regular basis’s, has scheduled days and times, and collects a fee or not. 

Reservation Information:

   Reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance.  Fill out and submit the proper Permit Application.
   Reservation time is from start to finish. (must include set-up and clean-up times.)
   Reservations require proof of liability insurance.  A Certificate of Insurance is required.
   Permit holder must be present at all reserved times and have the permit with them. 
   Portable Restrooms:
      Are required at the expense of the user group of 100 or more people or for a tournament/jamboree/event type activity.
   Trash Removal:
      Is required at the expense of the user group of 100 or more people or for a tournament/jamboree/event type activity.
      See CSWD requirements for Waste Management on Permit.

For Detailed Information and other requirements, stipulations & Regulations see Facility Use Policy- use link above.
Payment Information:
   Payment must be made by check or cash.
   Payment and COI must be received prior to the date of the reservation or first date of multiple reservation.  
   Permit will not be sent until payment and COI is received. 
   Additional charges may apply if additional security, maintenance, custodial or other services or staff are required.
For Detailed Information on Payments, Cancellations & Rainouts see Facility Use Policy- use link above.

Facility Use Fee Schedule

Facility Fee
   Fields- Soccer, Multi-Purpose (game/practice) $30 per hr. per Field
   Fields*- Baseball, Softball (game/practice) $20 per hr. per Field
   Courts- Tennis, Pickleball, Volleyball, Basketball (game/practice) $10 per hr. per Court
   Events- Other than athletic games or practices See Info Below

      *Baseball/Softball Infield areas are not lined.  Permit holder must provide liner, marker, and line infield prior to use.

Events: (camps, tournaments, jamborees, runs, or any other type of large gathering)
      Non-Profit           $1 per person in attendance or registered for event
      For Profit            $5 per person in attendance or registered for event
      Facility Fee        Use of fields, courts or other amenities determined from above fees
      Maintenance      Staff- $20 per hour (if required, determined by Director)
Other Fees:
    Tents and/or Inflatables:
      A Dig Safe site visit must be completed prior to any tent or inflatable being erected. 
      The fee for this is the responsibility of the permit holder.
      Tents- 1200+ sq ft of tent space- that equals one or more tents, permit must be obtained from the state of VT.
      $10 per hour
   Vendors: (food, drink, product, etc.)
      Vendors must fill out a Vendor Form and Permit Holder must submit with Permit Application.
      Vendors must submit COI for their company.
      No vendors are allowed until approval from Department.
      Fees may be assessed.
   Concession Building: (Village Community Park)
      Reservation of the Concession is on a case-by-case basis.