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About Us
   Thank you for your interest in becoming an Independent Contract Instructor/Business with the Williston Recreation & Parks Department.  We are excited about the possibility of working together to reach common goals and to serve the community of Williston.
   The Recreation and Parks Department is dedicated to building strong families through the provision of recreational opportunities. We believe that the benefits of participating in recreational programs and events are more important than the activity itself.

   The information here is designed to acquaint qualified individuals/businesses interested in teaching a program with WRPD.  We hope that your questions are addressed, if not please contact us.  For the Independent Contract Instructor/Business Handbook- See Link Below
How It Works
   Williston Recreation and Parks Department (WRPD) utilizes Independent Contract Instructors (Instructor) and Businesses (Business) to provide recreational services to the community.  In this manner you will not be an employee of the Town of Williston.  Programs may be designed for preschoolers, school age children, teens, adults, families, and seniors. 

  • The process begins with the Instructor/Business “proposing” a program.
  • For a "Program/Camp Proposal Form"- See Link Below
  • The proposal is filled out by the Instructor/Business and then submitted to WRPD.
  • A Recreation Staff person will review the proposal, assess the “content” of the program to determine its potential in meeting the Department’s goals, and then contact you for a more detailed discussion.
  • Together, WRPD will work with you to determine the specific design of a program in regards to facility suitability, facility availability, fee structure, course time frames, participants maximums and minimums, age ranges, course descriptions etc.
  • Once the WRPD and the Instructor/Business verbally enter into an agreement, a written contract is produced which states specifically the courses or services that you are agreeing to.
Independent Contract Instructor/Business Qualifications 
  • Experience working with the target market for the specific program.
  • Commitment to your program.
  • High level of expertise and above average people skills.
  • Proven ability to work with people from diverse ethnic, socioeconomic, educational, religious, and generational backgrounds.
  • Certification may be required in some programs.
Independent Contract Instructor/Business Information 
  Background Checks

  • As a condition of offering programs with WRPD, all people working in a program will be background checked.
  • Independent Instructors- annual checks will be done by the WRPD.
  • Businesses- are required to background check their employees. If they don’t individuals will be checked by the WRPD.
  • If a Business does background checks on its employees, there will be statement on the agreement to initial stating that you do, and everyone has passed.
  • The WRPD conducts background checks with Vermont Crime Information Center (VCIC) and with Agency of Human Services for Adult/Child Abuse Registries.
  • Background checks are free of charge and provided by WRPD.
  W-9 Form
  • Instructors/Businesses are required to sign and submit a W-9 form to WRPD.
  • Under the United States Internal Revenue Code, the Town of Williston is required to report the payment(s) that are made to you each year.
  Certificate of Insurance (Businesses Only)
  • Businesses are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance showing General Liability coverage and Workers Comp coverage if the business has employees.
  Independent Contract Instructor/Business Agreement
  • WRPD requires that all Instructors/Businesses enter into an Independent Contract Agreement with WRPD.
  • A copy of the Agreement will be provided by the WRPD to be signed.
  • Agreements will be good for half the calendar year, either January-June or July-December.
  Payment to Independent Contract Instructor/Business
  • The Instructor/Business sets their own program fees- Per Participant or Waive Fees.
  • WRPD then adds on to that amount, $10-$25 per participant.
  • The fee covers Dept. administration and facility use fees.
  • Invoices for payment can be submitted after the second meeting date of a program.
  • It is the Instructor’s/Business’ responsibility to submit an invoice for payment.
  • Any unpaid registrations or outstanding balances will hold up your payment, WRPD will not pay for monies that are not collected.
  Program Cancellations
  • If a program needs to be cancelled, the Instructor/Business must contact WRPD immediately.
  • Instructor/Business may be responsible for contacting all participants regarding cancellations.
  • The WRPD will be responsible for the registration of participants.
  • Registrations for programs are first come, first serve, and done online or in-person.
  • No registrations are to be taken by the Instructor/Business.
  • All participants must register with WRPD before participating in a program.
  • It is the Instructor’s/Business’ responsibility to ensure that all program participants are registered.
  • Waiting list registrations must be taken in the order that they registered.
  Program Scheduling
  • Instructors/Businesses are responsible for submitting program schedules through the program proposal.
  • WRPD will attempt to accommodate Instructor/Business’s schedule request.
  • The WRPD observes the Holidays listed below. When programming your programs, keep in mind that these holidays may affect your program schedules.
            New Year's Day            Martin Luther King, Jr. Day      President's Day               Memorial Day
            Independence Day       Bennington Battle Day             Labor Day                       Columbus Day
            Veteran's Day               Thanksgiving Day                    Day after Thanksgiving   Christmas Day

  Checking Your Program Enrollment

  • Once registration has started for a program you can inquire about your enrollment at any time by calling WRPD.
  • You can also create an organization account on the Rec. website, and you can be added as an Instructor/Business to view your rosters.
  • A staff member will inform you of the number registered a week prior to the start date.
  • At this time, you can choose to cancel or hold the program, based on the minimum number you needed.
  • All camps will have a deadline date in early June.
  • Registration continues up to the day before, unless full then a waiting list is taking.
  Attendance and Rosters
  • The roster for your program will be provided to you prior to the first night of your program by email.
  • Participants must be on the roster or have a receipt before they are admitted in the program.
  • Rosters contain confidential info for the instructor’s use and are not to be shared with anyone else.
  • At the end of the program all rosters must be turned in or destroyed.
  Promoting the Program
  • WRPD will place program descriptions in the Program Guide. The Guide goes out twice a year in the Williston Observer, local newspaper. Space is limited so description may be cut down.
  • The program description will also be listed on the Rec. website under the Program tab. No space limits.
  • It is important for Instructor/Business to promote and market their own program. WRPD can help with this.
  Facility Usage
  • Programs can be held in the Williston Central or Allen Brook Schools or at your place of business.
  • Instructors/Businesses need to specify what his/her program needs are in their program proposal to have the proper facility booked.
  Facility or Program Room Set-ups
  • All Instructors/Businesses will be allowed to set up their program rooms 15 minutes prior to the program activities beginning.
  • The Instructor/Business must always leave the room in the condition in which it was found. This means he/she must clean up any materials (art supplies, papers, etc.) after the program ends.
  • Instructors/Businesses may not use any materials, machines, or computers at any of the facilities. Plan to have copies printed at your expense.
  • Custodians do not work for WRPD and have their own job to do. They can unlock the room for you, but they are not responsible for any further setup or break down.
  Accident and Incident Reports
  • All accidents and incidents must be reported, no matter how minor they may appear.
  • If an accident occurs in your program, please act calmly, promptly, and efficiently, and take care of the situation.
  • You will be responsible for preparing the accident and incident
  Emergency Evacuation
  • A wide variety of emergencies both man-made and natural may require the facility to be evacuated.
  • These emergencies include fires, explosions, earthquakes, toxic material releases, biological releases, bomb threats and violence. Each facility has Evacuation Route Maps posted throughout the
  • There is also the possibility that a school needs to go into lockdown.  Procedure for this will be provided to you.
  Americans With Disability Act (ADA)
  • In accordance with the requirements of title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, WRPD does not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in Parks and Recreation’s services, programs, or activities.

Policies & Procedures

   WRPD holds Independent Contract Instructors/Businesses responsible for the following policies and procedures.

  • Representing the WRPD through Professional Conduct – Though not employees of the WRPD, Instructors/Businesses do represent WRPD. To some participants, the Instructor/Business is the only representative they see. Instructors/Businesses must conduct themselves in a professional manner including dressing and speaking professionally and supporting policies and WRPD decisions.
  • Releasing of Minors – At the end of the program, the Instructor/Business must not release children to anyone other than authorized parent, guardian, or to an individual authorized by the parent. Never release a child to someone who is unknown to the child or to whom the child expresses fear or uncertainty.
  • Instructors/Businesses Relationship with Participants – The Instructor/Business must not have contact with a single participant unobservable by other staff, parents, or participants at any time. Parents should be invited and encouraged to visit the program at any time and do not need to ask permission to do so.
  • Safety of Participants – The Instructor’s/Business’ primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of participants involved with your program. Visually inspect the facilities that you are working in. If any aspect of the area appears unsafe, it is your responsibility to take actions that will ensure participant safety.
  • First Aid Provision – It is the Instructor’s/Business’ responsibility to know where the first aid kit is located for all facilities in which they provide services. If your program is outside it is your responsibility to have a first aid kit. For minor first aid (band aid etc.) a first aid kit will suffice. For Serious accidents, DO NOT MOVE the injured participant, call 9-1-1. If a child is involved, notify the parent or guardian.
  • Discrimination and Harassment –Discrimination and harassment can be defined as any behavior that is disrespectful and causes discomfort to another person, be it physical, verbal, visual, or sexual. Instructors/Businesses are responsible for their own actions/conduct and must never engage in discrimination and harassment.
  • Personal Business – The Instructor/Business may not receive or make personal phone calls (except in emergency), nor have their own children with them, while performing services for WRPD.


   Instructor/Business Handbook
   Program/Camp Proposal Form

Information on the Rec. Website
   The below links are to information on this website for the public to view.  It explains the Policy and Procedures of Registration, Refunds, Cancellations and other info.  Please make yourself familiar with the info.
   Online Registration & Payment Options

   Program Registration & Cancellation Info