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News: Bike Route- Williston Community Park to Allen Brook Community Park

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Bike Route Map- Click Here

This is a bike route from North Williston Road to Talcott Road going through Williston Community Park, Southridge Neighborhood and Allen Brook Community Park.

North Williston Road- Entrance to Williston Community Park
     Go through Williston Community Park to Old Stage Road
     Cross Old Stage Road and turn left
     At Lawnwood Road- Turn right follow to Southridge Road
     At Southridge Road- Turn right follow to Harte Circle
     At Harte Circle- Turn right follow to Metcalf Drive
     At Metcalf Drive- turn right follow to Coyote Lane
     Cross over Coyote Lane and turn right onto bike path.
     Entrance to bike path to Allen Brook Park is on the left about 30 yds.
     Follow Path through Allen Brook Park to Talcott Road.

Path Distances:
     Williston Community Park Path-            1 mile
     Thru Southridge- Road or Sidewalk-     .8 mile
     Allen Brook Community Park Path-       .7 mile
Total from North Williston Rd to Talcott Rd = aprox- 2.5 miles