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Day Camp- R.E.C. Camp

Updated 9/20/23

Dates to Remember for 2024

   February 8       Registration Opens for Residents Summer 2024     
   February 15    
Registration Opens for Non-Residents Summer 2024        
   June 7  
            Camp Balance Due for Summer 2024

   June 24            First Day of Camp for Summer 2024
   July 4 & 5         No Camp these days
   August 16        Last Day of Camp for Summer 2024
Day Camps
   R.E.C. Camp- Recreation Experiences for Children
      Entering Grades 1-6 in the Fall 2024
Camp Days & Hours
   Days- Monday-Friday
      Full Day Option-   7:30am-5:30pm
      Half Day Options:
              Mornings-     7:30a-12:30p
             Afternoons-   12:30-5:30p
Camp Sessions
   Full Day Option-
      8-one week sessions are offered.  A session is Monday-Friday.  Campers can attend any number of sessions.  Sessions cannot be broken down by days or half day options per week.  A session must be paid in full, but a family can choose to send their child for as many days per week as they would like.  
   Half Day Options- 
      7 weeks are offered.  No half day options the last week of the camp.
      Half Day Options- Mornings 7:30a-12:30p, Afternoons 12:30-5:30p
   Day Camp registration information is posted in mid-February.  Registration is done online, and you have the option to pay online in full or pay offline and pay the $25 non-refundable deposit per session, per child.  For more information on camp registration, policies, refunds, and payment options- Click Here
Notifications and Receipt
   After you register your child for camp you will receive an email receipt of the registration, this is confirmation that you have registered your child in one or more sessions. 
   The Friday before each session, an email will be sent to all registered and paid families for that session. The email will contain information on camp time, location, check-in, what is needed and other pertinent info.  Be sure to accept emails from recreation@willistonvt.org, check your spam and other folders if you do not receive one.  Also, be sure your email address is up to date in your household account on the Rec. website.  Be sure to check on the Cancelations and General email notifications on your account.

Camper Information/Health Form

   The Camper Information/Health Form is part of registration.  When registering your child for the day camp you will be required to answer a series of questions.  You must only do this once for the summer season.  Your child's safety is important to us. Each summer a Camper Information Form must be filled out and on file at the day camp.  It is important that you share all medical, behavioral, and emotional conditions that you feel we should be aware of to help your child have a positive experience while at camp.  Changes can be made to the form at camp when you drop off or pick up your child.
Camp Counselors
   Camp is staffed through the Recreation Department.  All Camp Counselors are 18 years of age or older and undergo background checks.  Assistant Counselors are hired at age 16 and older.  Camp Counselors attend mandatory training prior to the start of camp, which includes First Aid/CPR Certification.
Enrichment Camps & Half Day Option of R.E.C. Camp
   If your child is registered for a morning or afternoon Enrichment Camp you can also purchase the opposite morning or afternoon option of the day camp, to make it a full day.  The staff will get or bring your child to their camps.
Summer School & Afternoon Option of R.E.C. Camp
   If your child is in Summer School, purchase the afternoon option of the day camp and make it a full day for your child.  Be sure to tell the Summer School Staff that your child will be attending R.E.C. Camp after Summer School.  Also, be sure to email R.E.C. Camp to let them know your child is in Summer School and will be coming to the day camp afterwards.  Summer school ends at 11:30am and the afternoon option of the day camp starts at 12:30pm, No problem, your child will be walked to the R.E.C. Camp by the Summer School Staff and campers will join the day camp.  Be sure to pack and afternoon snack for them each day.
Camp Structure
   All campers enjoy age appropriate games, sports, crafts, and more throughout a typical camp day.  A daily camp schedule will be displayed at the check-in table each morning.
   Check-In and Check-Out
     Full Day Options-    Check-in is from 7:30-8:30am and Check-Out is from 4:30-5:30pm.
     Half Day Options-    Mornings- Check-In is from 7:30-8:30am and Check-Out is at 12:30pm
                                     Afternoons- Check-In is at 12:30pm and Check-Out is from 4:30-5:30pm
     Camp program is 8:30am-4:30pm.  It is important that your child is in camp at this time to benefit from the camp experience.
   Pod Times    
     Campers spend time in their Pods, which are organized by the grade your child is entering in the Fall. The focus is to have fun while forming friendships that will last a lifetime. Pod activities may include games, crafts, water activities or other fun events.
   Choice Times
     Campers choose activities that interest them and receive instruction during these times. Choice Times are designed to keep kids active, have fun, and develop their interests.
     Choice activities are led by counselors and therefore vary from summer to summer.

   Snacks & Lunch 
     Campers eat snacks and lunch with their Pod. 
   Free Play
     Each day, campers have the opportunity for self-directed play during outdoor and playground time.
   Field Trips
     There is one field trip and one swim trip per session.
     Field trip is Thursday mornings and swim trip is Thursday afternoons in each session.

   Typical Camp Schedule
     The schedule is an example of what can be offered in camp; times, activities and other elements may be changed due to weather, facilities or unforeseen circumstances- Click Here
Check In/Out
   Adults authorized to pick up your child from camp must be indicated on your child's Camper Info/Health Form.  Additions or deletions of names can be made on the form during the summer. 
  Campers who are allowed to walk or bike to and from camp must have a note from a parent allowing them to do this.  An arrival and departure time must be listed on the note.  No child will be allowed to arrive after 8:30am or leave prior to 4:30pm.
Medication Authorization Form
   It is best if your child takes needed medication prior to coming to camp each day.  If they must take medication while at camp a Medication Authorization Form must be filled out each session they attend and given to the Check-in Staff on the first day of each session your child attends.  Staff cannot administer any medication until this form is completed and returned.  Fill out the form completely and bring with your child and the medications on their first day of camp.  Medication should be properly labeled and in a zip lock bag with the child's name on it.  Do not mail or drop off.
   If your child must carry an Epi-Pen or Inhaler, parents must complete the second page of the linked form. 
Click Here for Form

Special Accommodations    
    If your child needs special assistance during camp hours, please speak with the Camp Director when you arrive on the first day, so that we may work together to determine feasible accommodations and to ensure a positive experience for your child.

Camp Registration, Payment, Cancellation Info- Click Here