Williston Recreation & Parks, VT
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Parks Donation & Naming Policy

For Parks Donation & Naming Policy-   Click Here

   An important element of the Town of Williston’s mission is to serve the community through safe and enjoyable parks and recreational opportunities which are carefully managed by the Williston Recreation & Parks Department. Donations are important to help the Department support these opportunities and are welcomed and encouraged. Occasionally, additional support opportunities may be offered in the form of naming requests.  

   The intent of this policy is to establish procedures and guidance for considering park donations in a way that is flexible and responsive to the needs of the donors. It also highlights important elements for donors to consider before making offers of such support.

   In terms of naming requests, these are often complex and sometimes emotionally evocative as naming can create strong identities.  The naming of park recreation facilities also requires significant resources in terms of changing names on signs, maps, and literature.  In addition, frequent name changing can be a source of confusion to the public. These types of requests require particularly careful consideration for which this policy is intended to provide guidance.  

See the Parks Donation & Naming Policy in its full at the link above.