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Online Registration & Payment Options

Please Read: There are many ways that you can use this site to register for Recreation Programs. Be sure to read through each before beginning the process.  Some programs might not be available for online registration.

Online Registration with Online Payment- Payment with a Credit Card
     Select the programs that you want and place them into your cart.
     Proceed to check out.
     At the payment option choose- "Check Out Online" and pay with a credit card.
     The person will be enrolled and paid for those programs that you selected.  

  Processing Fee: There is a Processing Fee for use of credit cards when paying online, an additional fee of 3.5% + $0.10 with a minimum fee of $2.00 will be charged, whichever is higher, on your total balance at the end of your transaction.  The program fees will be billed by Williston Recreation & Parks, and the processing fees will be billed by GovtPortal.  Fees are non-refundable.  The town does not collect or receive the processing fees.

Online Registration with Offline Payment- Print Form and Pay with Check/Cash
     Select the programs that you want and place them into your cart.
     Proceed to check out.
     At the payment option choose- "Check Out Offline" and print off the Registration Receipt.  
     The payment and receipt needs to be brought into the Department or use the drop box.  (credit cards are not accepted at the office).  
Drop Box- A drop box is available for after hour payments of programs.  The box is located at the back entrance to the Town Hall Building- 7900 Williston Rd.  Place receipt and payment in an envelope marked "Recreation".

Note: Using the Offline Payment Option- "Check Out Offline" does NOT enroll the person for the program(s) that were selected, until payment, check or cash, has been received and processed.  The person is not counted towards the minimum or maximum numbers for a program and may not get into the program if it fills before payment is received and processed.  Send in or drop off payment immediately.

Guest Registration- Some programs may have the opportunity to register as a guest, which means an account does not have to be created to register.  The option for Guest Registration will be listed under the Register column.  Fill out the required questions to register.

Special Registration- There may be programs listed on the site, but not available for online registration.  If so, in the register section of the listing, it will state what needs to be done for registration or state No Registration Needed.

No Payment Required- There may be special events or programs that do not require a fee.  If so register for the program and at checkout choose the "Online Payment Option", no fee will be charged, and you will be registered.

Waiting List- If a program is full a Waiting List will be started.  Register online and place programs in your cart.  At checkout choose "Check Out Online".  No fees will be charged.  Choosing "Print a Registration Form" will not place you on the waiting list.  

  How to Begin Registration:
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