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Sangha Studio- Yoga Pass

Sangha Studio

Williston Recreation does not take registration or payment for the Sangha Studio Yoga Pass.  You will be brought to their site to purchase the pass.  Payment is made to Sangha Studio.

To Purchase a 5 Class Pass - Click here

The 5-class pass allows you to donate to the Studio and receive 5 classes for $50 or $10 per class. At Sangha Studio, one of the core values is accessibility. This includes financial accessibility. We want everyone to practice yoga no matter what!

Wondering where your $50 goes? 
   The mission in action through financially accessible pricing and ensuring that we always remain a donation-based studio where everyone is welcome
   Specialized programs for specific populations like the LGBTQIA+ community, those affected by traumatic brain injuries and the accessible yoga community
   Scholarship positions for studio memberships, workshops, and trainings
   Equitable teacher compensation
   Administrative support

Our core values guide our mission and the choices we make for the studio, for our community and in our own personal practices.

   We believe all individuals should feel valued, recognized, and accepted for who they truly are. At Sangha, this means respecting the abilities, beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures of those around us. We believe in humble radiance - the idea that we are all figuring it out together and doing the best we can with the information and resources we have available to us. We strive to include diverse perspectives at all levels of our organization so that others feel an unconditional sense of belonging about who they are. 

   We define connection as a sense of belonging. Sangha is a place where you can be you. We say so often to our students: come as you are. We invite you to be a part of our sangha family and hope that our studio home becomes your home too. We strongly believe in collaboration over competition and welcome your ideas on how we can collaborate together! At Sangha, we like to have fun, laugh, get to know each other, and be a part of each other’s life stories — and we hope you do too! It starts with hello, so come say hi!

   We acknowledge that yoga in the West has historically been inaccessible to those with financial and physical barriers. We work to host studio classes that are accessible to anyone that may want to join us for practice to the best of our ability. Financially, this means we provide a sliding scale membership option, donation-based drop-in classes, scholarships, and several weekly free community classes for specific populations. Physically, this means we provide modifications and accessible cueing, adaptive classes, and ADA-compliant studio spaces. At every class we strive to welcome as many people as we can. We believe that accessibility is a practice and our promise to our community is to strive to be more inclusive, more connected, and more accessible with every class.